Collard Greens and Cabbage

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Total Time
4hrs 30mins
2 hrs 30 mins
2 hrs

I got this recipe off of a soul food site called Chitterlings. I made this Friday night and these are the best collard greens I've ever eaten. I served with a big skillet of cornbread. Prep time is lengthy due to the cleaning and cutting of the greens. Cook time approximate. This makes a lot of greens!

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  1. Add the bacon fat to a large stock pot.
  2. If you don't save your bacon fat, fry up a few slices of bacon in the pot you are going to cook your greens in; leave the bacon and fat.
  3. Add your ham hocks to the pot, cover with water, onion and spices.
  4. Boil for about an hour.
  5. Add cleaned and cut collards to the pot, cover and cook until tender (45 minutes to an hour, less if you like them less cooked).
  6. Add the cabbage at the very end and cook until wilted or to your desired taste.
  7. Remove bones and fat of the ham hocks.