Fried Green Tomatoes, Tennessee Style

Total Time
35 mins
10 mins

Since I'm from Tennessee and since I love green tomatoes that's how the recipe got it's name. If you want to change the amounts of the seasonings, go right ahead. When turning over, use a pancake turner so coating won't come off. Submitted to "ZAAR" on August 5th, 2007.

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  1. In a medium bowl, add tomato slices and coat with buttermilk; chill for 20 minutes.
  2. While tomatoes are soaking, mix together coating ingredients in another medium size bowl.
  3. Remove tomatoes from buttermilk--do not throw away buttermilk.
  4. Coat each tomato slice in coating mixture; set aside.
  5. Now in remaining buttermilk mixture add egg; beat well.
  6. Return each coated tomato to buttermilk, making sure each side is well coated.
  7. Return to coating mix one more time coating both sides.
  8. In a medium size skillet over medium high, heat 1/4 cup vegetable oil till hot but not smoking.
  9. Fry on both sides until coating is golden brown.