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Pilau (or perlau) is one of those dishes that has a million variations, depending on what's at hand and on how your granny used to make it. There's nothing much the matter with this recipe, but there's nothing much to commend it, either. I'd suggest at the least using chicken stock rather than water, and certainly feel free to throw in chopped celery or carrots, bay leaf, tomato, or a hot pepper. I found the liquid a little scant for the quantity of rice, but probably that depends on how juicy your vegetables are.

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realbirdlady March 29, 2008

The okra in my garden has taken off and is doing quite well. I found this recipe and thought it sounded very interesting. I had some leftover Classic Saffron Rice in the fridge and used this in place of the uncooked rice. The Cajun in me was screaming for hot sauce and I gave in. I will probably make this again.

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PaulaG August 29, 2007
Okra Pilau